Cintra Sooknanan

Cintra Sooknanan

Cintra Sooknanan is an accomplished Attorney at Law in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago also holding a BSc in Computing and Information Systems. Her specialisation includes Corporate Commercial, ICT and IP matters.

She continues to contribute locally in the reform of legislation and policy relating to Intellectual Property (with special focus on new gTLDs and traditional knowledge), E-commerce, National ICT Agenda, Privacy and Data Protection, E-government, Child Protection, Internet Governance and Cybersecurity.

At an international level, she has been heavily engaged in working groups of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and also through the Internet Society International, she continues to represent the interests and needs of local internet end-users.

Ms. Sooknanan has over 10 years of experience building local ICT Not-for-Profit organisations, having leadership and involvement through much of her professional and academic career. She is the Founding Chair of the Internet Society Trinidad and Tobago Chapter.