About The TTMAG

About the TTMAG

The Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre (TTNIC) manages the registration and maintenance of all domains that end in the .tt suffix.

The Trinidad and Tobago Multistakeholder Advisory Group (TTMAG) was formed out of consultations with Internet stakeholders on the .tt country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) held by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.  A Multistakeholder management model was preferred by most stakeholders, which subscribed to the General Principles of Internet Governance.  A Multistakeholer Advisory Group (MAG) was considered a fair and legitimate way to develop ccTLD policy. Given customer and stakeholder requests to update the .tt user experience, the MAG was also suggested as a way to have the TTNIC continue to focus on technical excellence, and have the MAG deal with marketing, policy and other less technical issues.

TTNIC discussed with many stakeholder organisations, and accepted volunteers to form the Interim MAG. The Interim MAG determined the initial structure and the terms of reference of the MAG, registered the company, and confirmed the stakeholder organisations participating,  towards forming the formal TTMAG.  The formal TTMAG was constituted in September 2015. Stakeholders included:

  • Government
  • Internet users
  • Academia
  • Technical community
  • Civil society
  • Business/SMEs