The Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) is a forum for multistakeholder dialogue on public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance issues, such as the Internet’s sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development.

The TTIGF is hosted every year since 2017 by the Trinidad and Tobago Multistakeholder Advisory Group (TTMAG).

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TTIGF 2018

TTIGF 2018 was held on Friday 26th January, 2018 at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with online participation available for those unable to attend at the venue.

The TTIGF 2018 theme was “Shape Your Digital Future” in keeping with the International Internet Governance Forum 2017.

The TTIGF 2018 Agenda featured Mr. Shola Taylor, Secretary General, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) as a keynote speaker and and three panel sessions.


Panel Session 1: Digital Financial Services
Zaf Rahaman – Owner & Founder, Forward Multimedia
Glynis Alexander-Tam – General Manager, InfoLink Services Ltd
Aldwyn Wayne – CEO, WiPay
Shernon Osepa – Manager, Regional Affairs, Latin America & Caribbean Bureau, ISOC
Rabindra Jaggernauth – Director, TTMAG (Moderator)

Panel Session 2: Gender Activism Online
Jason Jones – Esquire, Human Rights Defender
Ian Royer – Social Media Consultant, Anansi Tales Marketing
Attillah Springer – Gender Activist
Sue Ann Barratt – Lecturer, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, UWI
Jacqueline Morris – Director, TTMAG (Moderator)

Panel Session 3: Blockchain
Randall DeFreitas – Manager, Risk Assurance, EY
Peter George – Chairman, Bitt
Nigel Romano – CEO, JMMB
Glenn McKnight – Director, ISOC
Ajmal Nazir – Director, TTMAG (Moderator)

You can watch the TTIGF 2018 event on YouTube and look at the TTIGF 2018 photos. You can read the TTIGF 2018 Meeting Report.

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TTIGF 2019

The third annual Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) took place on January 25th, 2019, from 9AM to 5 PM at the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Westmoorings, Trinidad and Tobago. The theme of TTIGF2019 was “The Internet of Trust” in keeping with the International Internet Governance Forum 2018.

The TTIGF 2019 featured three-panel sessions and an open forum.

Panel Session 1: Caribbean Data Protection Regulations (CDPR)

  • George Gobin, Director, TTMAG (Moderator)
  • Ms. Vashti Maharaj, Head, Legal Services – Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs
  • Mr. Darren Mohammed, Corporate Business Manager, Caribbean/Country Representative –  Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago
  • Dr. Yufei Wu, Associate Professor and Coordinator – Caribbean Institute of Cybersecurity
  • Mr. Bartlett Morgan, Associate Attorney at Law – Lex Caribbean

Panel Session 2: Cultural Factors in the Caribbean Affecting Trust & Privacy for Digital Security

  • Jacqueline Morris, Director, TTMAG (Moderator)
  • Mr. Randall De Freitas – Manager, Technology Risk, Ernst & Young Services Limited
  • Mr. Anselm Charles – ICT Manager, Caribbean Community Implementation Agency for Crime and Security
  • Mr. Michael Walcott – Senior Manager, Operational Risk, Republic Bank Limited

Panel Session 3: Using Technology to Increase Trust in Public Institutions

  • Glenn McKnight, Secretariat, the North American Regional At-Large Organization (NARALO) (Moderator)
  • Charles Bobb-Semple – Deputy CEO, The National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited (iGovtt)
  • Master Christie-Anne Morris-Alleyne – Court Executive Administrator, the Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rishi Maharaj – Executive Director, EquiGov Institute

You can watch the TTIGF 2019 event on YouTube and can read the TTIGF 2019 Meeting Report.

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TTIGF 2020

The fourth annual Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) was on Friday January 31 2020 at the Naparima College Auditorium, San Fernando from 9am to 5pm. The theme of TTIGF2020 was “The Internet & YOU: Ensuring the Internet’s future”.

TTIGF 2020 featured two panel sessions, a youth-led Collaborative Exchange on “The Future of the Internet” and an Open Forum.

Introductory Remarks

  • Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
  • Anriette Esterhuysen, Chair, United Nations Internet Governance Forum’s Multistakeholder Advisory Group
  • Senator the Honourable Allyson West, Minister of Public Administration, Ministry of Public Administration

Panel Session : Fake News & its Impact on You

  • Shernon Osepa, Manager, Regional Affairs for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau, Internet Society (ISOC)
  • Mark Lyndersay, Editor, TechNewsTT and Opinion Leader Columnist, Newsday
  • Daniel Hernandez, Head, Cyber & Social Media Unit, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
  • Asha Javeed, Senior Multimedia Investigative Journalist, Caribbean Communications Network
  • Anita Sohan, Director, TTMAG (Moderator)

Youth-Led Collaborative Exchange Topics

  1. The GOOD, the BAD and the POTENTIAL of Online Communities
  2. Big Tech
  3. Internet Pollution
  4. Encrypting Data
  5. I.T for Clean Energy
  6. Social Media and You

Panel Session : Data Hosting: Locally or Internationally?

  • Ian C. Galt, General Manager – Enterprise Services, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago Limited
  • Darren Mohammed, Corporate Business Manager for the Caribbean and Country Representative, Microsoft Trinidad
  • Keenan Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Air Link Networks
  • George Gobin, Director, TTMAG (moderator)

Watch the TTIGF 2020 event on YouTube and can read the
TTIGF 2020 report.


CDPR 2020

At the Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum (TTIGF) 2019, we asked the question whether it is time for us to consider a Caribbean Perspective on how we address our own privacy and trust issues through a similar engine in the region called the Caribbean Data Protection Regulation (CDPR).

In 2020 we gathered knowledgeable and insightful presenters from Trinidad and Tobago, the region (Barbados) and internationally (Canada) to share an update on what has occurred since TTIGF 2019.

Summary of event

The speakers presented on: 

  1. The status of what is already being reviewed regionally with respect to Data Protection Rights and regulations that can lead to the implementation of the CDPR.
  2. Pros and Cons of storing country and citizens data, in-country, in the Caribbean, or internationally. We will discuss access rights and permissions.
  3. Recommendations on the way forward for CDPR implementation and what should our Governments in the region.

Our Presenters

Amalia Barthel

Amalia Barthel, Co-Founder, Privacy Consultant & Advisor, Managed Privacy Canada

Ms Barthel is a Privacy Consultant & Advisor, and a Lecturer and Academic Programs Advisor for University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies. 

Ms. Barthel is the Co-Founder of Managed Privacy Canada (MPC), the leading Privacy as a Service practice in Canada and she is based in the Toronto area in Canada.

Amalia Barthel’s Presentations

Canada’s Privacy Laws Presentation by Amalia Barthel

Understanding GDPR – The Role of Standards in compliance by Amalia Barthel

Bartlett Morgan

Bartlett Morgan’s Presentation

Towards a Caribbean Data Privacy Framework: Looking Back / Charting the Way Forward
by Bartlett Morgan

Vashti Maharaj

Vashti Maharaj’s Presentation

Caribbean Data Protection Regulations by Vashti Maharaj

Watch the TTMAG CDPR 2020 session on YouTube