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Internet Governance 101

Participants and TTMAG board members engaged in hearty discussion at IG 101.

The TTMAG hosted the educational session entitled Internet Governance 101 on Saturday July 21st, 2018 at Naparima College, San Fernando.

TTMAG Director Jacqueline Morris and Chairman Dev Anand Teelucksingh introduced the participants to the TTMAG, the multistakeholder model of internet governance and gave the participants a very comprehensive while concise overview of how the Internet is governed and managed. The participants were enlightened to some of the technical elements of how data is transferred across the myriad of IoT devices and the architecture of websites with guided examples to showcase how websites are accessed.

TTMAG Vice-Chair Ajmal Nazir then led a spirited discussion on the proposed outlawing of the Android Boxes which is presently dominating the social and technical forums. The discussions raised concerns about net neutrality, the financial implications to all parties and the need to ensure unethical practices and illegal activities are eliminated. The dilemma identified highlighted that once some degree of ISP intervention is allowed for this purpose, it sets a precedent.

This brief session ended with the participants better informed about critical aspects of internet governance. No doubt the opportunity for further discussion will generate more participation.


Will T&T be a spectator in the AI Arms Race?

Author: Patrick Hosein

Many of us have been reading recent news items concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just to be clear, these news items are in the realm of Narrow AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligence that is focused on one narrow task) and includes such things as autonomous vehicles, image recognition, spam filtering, voice assistants, and many more.

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