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Will T&T be a spectator in the AI Arms Race?

Author: Patrick Hosein

Many of us have been reading recent news items concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI). Just to be clear, these news items are in the realm of Narrow AI (i.e. Artificial Intelligence that is focused on one narrow task) and includes such things as autonomous vehicles, image recognition, spam filtering, voice assistants, and many more. Continue reading “Will T&T be a spectator in the AI Arms Race?”

5G – Possibilities Endless

5G technology will powerfully increase the connectivity of people, places and devices.

Author: Sanjay Bahadoorsingh

The document entitled “The 5G Economy: How 5G Technology Will Contribute to the Global Economy”, published in 2017, is still highly relevant. This informative document provides a very insightful, transformational description of 5G. At a high level, 5G is defined by three driving KPIs:

  1. Peak data rates faster than 10 Gbps: for enhanced mobile broadband.
  2. Device connection density of greater than 1 million per km2: for immense machine-oriented communication.
  3. Latency below 1 ms: for ultra-reliable machine-oriented communications.

Continue reading “5G – Possibilities Endless”

Join the TTMAG!

The TTMAG is pleased to announce that we are open for membership! We welcome applications from organisations in the following Stakeholder Groups: Academia; Civil Society; Commercial / Business; Government; Technical Community / ICT Civil Society; or the .tt ccTLD holder.

Please read the TTMAG Membership Guidelines for more information about the application process, membership benefits and the responsibilities of member organisations and stakeholder groups.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member of the TTMAG, please click here to apply (completion time: 2 minutes).

TTIGF 2017

Trinidad & Tobago Internet Governance Forum 2017



TTIGF 2017 Report
Arising out of the TTIGF 2017, the following issues were identified as areas of interest for an ongoing research and action agenda:
  • E-Commerce
  • Data
  • Internet Access
  • E-payments/DFS
  • E-waste
We welcome your thoughts and feedback, and encourage you to:
  • Post related discussion topics
  • Suggest new areas for research and action
  • Participate in developing the Agenda for TTIGF 2018

Charitable Organisations Policy

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TTIGF 2017

Albert Daniel, ICANN representative contributes to the panel discussion

Mr. Albert Daniels, Stakeholder Engagement Sr Manager for the Caribbean, ICANN, contributes to the panel discussion.

Tracy Hackshaw, convener of the TTIGF

Mr. Tracy Hackshaw, convener of the TTIGF.

TTIGF 2017 expert panellist (left to right)- Prof. Patrick Hosein, Dr. Kim Mallalieu, Kurleigh Prescod, Kirk Sookram and moderator, Mark Lynderday

TTIGF 2017 expert panellists (left to right): Prof. Patrick Hosein, Dr. Kim Mallalieu, Mr. Kurleigh Prescod, Mr. Kirk Sookram and moderator, Mr. Mark Lyndersay.